99OnTrend: Read it right with Mixed Prints!


If you thought that prints could only be paired with solids, it’s time to think out of the polka dot box!! Celebs and fashionistas everywhere are mixing it up and coming up style-tastic. Think ScarJo in mismatched graphic black n’ white, Beyonce cavorting on the beach in funky clashing prints, think Madonna rocking it in stars and stripes …you’ve got the picture!


It’s the ideal time to shake up the style radar and do something that gets them looking, so create your very own print mashup and see how it brings fresh zip and zing to your wardrobe!

Cheers, Team99

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Anniversary Message from Ishita Swarup, CEO

Hello everyone,

2012 was a really exciting year for us at 99labels, and it feels good to celebrate our third anniversary with all of you. It seems like only weeks ago that we took baby steps into this new and unexplored realm, and it’s inspiring to see how far we have come. Strong strategic execution by team99, as well as focused planning have significantly advanced our steps forward. I can clearly see that it has been a beautiful synergy with you, our valued members which has made this happen.


99labels has seen new growth and momentum this year, with strong brand alliances and surging membership numbers which show us that we’re playing it right. This has been a significant year also because we saw the debut of our vibrant Indian beauty, 9rasa, and the response has been tremendous. It reaffirms my belief that when effort and care in execution accompany a good idea, nothing can hold it back! Let me reiterate here our continuing commitment to bringing you the finest merchandise, both at 99labels as well as at 9rasa, in the most rewarding and seamless way. I’ve been repeatedly told that we bring a fresh excitement to the marketplace, and we earn this reputation by delivering experiences that surpass the expectations of our consumers.

The year ahead beckons and it’s looking good. And team99 is committed to making it the best. We’ve gained valuable insights, and are using them to design and deliver some of the best innovations on the e-block. I thank each of you personally for your support and feedback which has shaped our imprint, and look forward to an interesting and fulfilling fourth year together!

Very warmly, Ishita

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Nina @99: Flutter those lashes!

I know it’s all about the wholesome friendship thing these days, but hey! I’m all for the flirting and slow seduction technique myself! Those lovely moments when you look across a room and ‘that’ guy catches your eye, a slow smoulder builds up and then you start that lovely dance of ‘look and look away’…. I live for this stuff.


It’s completely irrelevant if you’re married, in a relationship or single. And it’s completely an individual choice whether you act on the flirting outcome or not. But women and men were born to flirt and be flirted with. I know this, so just believe you me! I think it’s terrific for self-esteem, for putting the zing back into a mundane evening let alone a mundane life, and it comes recommended by the experts. Which experts you ask? I’ll check and get back to you on this, meanwhile, bat those lashes and live it up a little!

Cheers, Nina


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Get your thinking caps on!

Solve the crossoword puzzle below and stand a chance to win a Rs. 300 shopping voucher!

Answer 9 brands you have seen on 99labels.com with the help of the clues given.

Leave your answers with the correct number in the comments section below.


All answers and winners will be published after 4th December 2012

Happy Solving!



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99TouchBase: ‘Facing’ up to winter!

Don’t you just love your summer face….moist, soft and glowing. But come winter, the same visage can look dry, stretched and less than appealing. So here’s help! Our guest skin care aesthetician Bindiya offers her very timely tips for the perfect winter look.


Bindiya says:

*Keep a potion of rosewater mixed with glycerin (80% to 20% proportion) in a spray bottle in your purse, this offers a quick glow and moisturizes against harsh winter winds.

*Take a fortnight’s break from the chemicals in skin cleansing products, gently wash with an ‘ubtan’ made from Gram flour (besan) and a few pinches of Turmeric, mixed with aloe vera gel or rosewater.

*Do gentle facial massage with a light cream thinned with water. Follow a pattern of ‘8’ around your eyes and cheeks, all the while lifting skin up and out, never downwards. Watch your face gleam with a healthy glow, and face the winter with a smile!

Very warmly, Team99

P.S.: More detailed massage tips are demonstrated in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h022_ZDnv0

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Nina @99: Plan to Party!

I know it comes every year, but party season prepping sends shivers of excitement up my spine! I just love making plans, the dressing up and fussing over that accompanies the party season, it’s a fun time in every sense of the word. I’ve got a couple of lovely dates to look forward to, and I’m humming with the buzz of it!

This year I’m going trad with a vengeance, it’s beautiful jewel tones and ethnic silhouettes, I’m putting my snug sheaths and lil’ black numbers in the back of my wardrobe for now…something about all the festivals and celebrations that makes me think colour and glam! I’m also throwing caution to the winds and splashing out on some lovely collectible jewelry this year, silver is my target and I’m drooling already!

So thread some flowers into your hair, throw on a smile and a bit of panache and glow the season away… Have a great one!

Cheers, Nina

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From the Desk of Ishita Swarup, CEO

Celebrations, festivities, friends and family, lights, lights and more lights, what a fantastic time Diwali is! Such a lovely marker in the year, a time for new beginnings and reiterations.

The 99story has been, as always, crazy, hectic and satisfying all at once….but today, we’re heaving a collective happy sigh and feeling the love you send us back…after all it’s all about how the 99experience makes you feel…cherished, pampered and just a little spoilt for choice!

That’s pretty much what we’re aiming at bringing to you with 9rasa too…a sense of joy in the traditional riches and treasures that our beautiful India offers us, because life is for loving, living and giving…

I want to wish each of you lovely people a Diwali which is glowing with good energies and brimming with happiness….may the year ahead be a fulfilling and exciting one!

Very warmly, Ishita

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