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Hi there!

It’s that lovely female month again–the Month of March when we celebrate Women’s Day! What would the world be without that wonderful feminine touch that women bring to lives– girlfriends and their thoughtful and loving gestures, daughters who plan those special moments, wives and their caring, sharing ways, Mom’s unbeatable giving qualities and of course, gal-pals and their irreplaceable support and fun! And at 99labels, we’re no strangers to these amazing qualities that women represent–which is why we’re celebrating Women’s Month!!

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All through March you can expect only the most exciting and ‘She-centric’Sales, and we started with Hidesign which rocked us back on our collective 99heels with its magnificent response from you! Up and running now is the coveted and much-awaited Esprit watches Sale which is redefining the term ‘selling like hotcakes’, not totally surprising given that they are going at incredible prices upto 40% off! Also waiting to wow you right away is the evocative Bvlgari range of fragrances at 30% off tag prices, Magppie Lifestyle products, as well as the stunning range of Sia Jewelry, that legendary name in lovely stone encrusted and enameled art jewels, coming up later this month.

As always, stay connected and on your toes, one member wrote in to say that she found her product choices all sold out by the time she got onto two of the Sales, we confess that this has happened more than a few times, and we also confess that we totally expected it–given our startlingly low tags! Do get on early and get the pick of the bunch, it’s so worth it. So celebrate the month, we all know a woman who deserves to be feted and celebrated– have a wonderful 99month!


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